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This site is dedicated to the colorful world of APHA Paint horses that we produce and to show you how to swiftly and effectively shape a horse's lifetime behavior starting right at birth. Here are a few other things we will touch on:

  • Meet our broodmares and look at their bloodlines
  • See the foals we have produced and what's for sale
  • Learn how to imprint at birth using Dr. Miller and his methods.
  • Learn patterns and color of the APHA paints.
  • Have a look at our two stallions. This will be their first time
    out as working studs. New experience for them as well as us on
    the farm.
  • A section on what is for sale: Mares, foals, stallions.
  • More will be added as we go. We would be please to take any
    suggestions on what you would like to see or know more about
    concerning horses and this particular breed. Just drop us an
    e-mail. Also on any comments on our site and what you think
    of it will be helpful to us.
  • If you like what you see so far feel free to bookmark us and
    and come back often to visit as we will be updating and adding
    new information as we progress.
  • We hope you will be patient with us as we build. We want to make
    this site one you will want to visit over and over. This is
    going to be an exciting new year for us and we want to share it
    with you, the horse lover. Touching on breeding, birthing,
    imprinting, and training of the very young.
  • Please sign our Guestbook while visiting us.

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Happy Trails to all,
Eve Kelliher

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