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APHA Color Patterns

Chestnut Overo

The body color is dark red or reddish brown.
The mane and tail are usually dark red or reddish brown, but may be flaxen or white.
Pictured Above Description - chestnut overo with bald(or blaze)face and stockings.

Buckskin Tobiano

The buckskin is a type of dun with body color a shade of yellow or gold.
The mane and tail may be black, white or both.
Black is common on the lower legs.
A buckskin may not have a bleck dorsal stripe.
Pictured Above Description - buckskin tobiano with a star, right fore sock and three stockings.

Dun Tobiano

The body color is yellow or gold, with each hair the same color.
The mane and tail may be black, brown, red yellow, white or mixed.
Duns may exhibit a dorsal stripe, a transverse stripe over the withers and zebra stripes on the legs.
Pictured Above Description - dun tobiano with irregular star, stripe and stockings.

Bay Overo

The body color ranges from tan through red to reddish brown.
The mane and tail may be black, white or both.
Black is also commonly found on the lower legs.
Pictured Above Description - bay overo with bald face, right hind sock and left hind pastern.

Black Tobiano

True black coats are rare.
The body color is black with no other color hair visible, other than white face or leg markings).
The mane and tail may be black, white or both.
Pictured Above Description - black tobiano with star, strip and stockings.

Brown Tobiano

The body is a shade of brown with no hint of red.
Light areas can be found on the muzzle, eyes, flank and inside upper legs.
The mane and tail may be black, white, or both.
Pictured Above Description - brown tobiano with blaze, right hind sock and three stockings.

Blue Roan Tobiano

A blue roan is a uniform mixture of white with black hairs.
Pictured Above Description - Blue roan tobiano with blaze and stockings.

Gray Overo

Gray is a mixture of white and any other color of hair.
A gray is born solid or almost solid-colored and gets lighter with age and as more hair grows.
Pictured Above Description - gray overo with bald face and stockings.